Thinking About Starting a Business?

I have been fortunate to be able to share this information with many people and that has allowed them to have a solid business that they can depend on for the rest of their lives.

5 Questions to ask yourself when thinking about starting a business

When we go on the Internet these days looking for a way to create some extra income we find so much information that we can become quite overwhelmed and most of the time this is when people make a decision or they stay on the fence so to say . I call this indecision and this is the killer of dreams because this is where most people stay their whole lives and nothing ever seems to change for them and they don’t know why

I could go on forever on this subject but that is not what I’m here for today. there are many things to consider when starting a business that most people don’t think about and I want to share just a few. You should ask yourself what it is you are looking for. Once you have defined this then you have a pretty good idea of what to look for. Ask yourself these 5 things.

- How much time can I devote to a business?

- How much am I willing to invest in my future?

- How much money do I want to earn?

- How soon do I want this amount?

- Am I really committed to making the necessary changes?

Now let me expand on these few simple sounding questions and soon you will see how it all comes together.

Let’s say for instance that you really want to start a lawn care business and make some real changes in your life and you decide that you can work 5 hours per week every week and you are willing to invest say $300.00 into your business with a goal of earning $5000.00 per month and you want to do this in about 60 days.

So you get yourself a mower and go around your neighborhood and pickup several jobs and start working your 5 hours per week and say it comes to $20.00 per hour at the end of your first month you have earned a total of about $400.00 And you see that there is no way you will reach your income goal this is when most people will give up and quit.

Now let’s say you are really committed to your goal and you take a different approach you devote as much time that is necessary and instead of buying just a lawn mower.

You purchase a commercial mower, edger’s, trimmers and all the necessary items needed to perform your job you also get yourself a handy trailer so you are not confined to one area and you get a truck to pull your trailer. Now you can begin to see with this scenario you will be able to reach your goal of $5,000.00 per month much faster , that is, if you do a good job and stay consistent.

So hopefully you can see how these few questions can help you make an educated decision. Now I’m not saying that you have to invest a lot into your business.

What you want to understand is that your commitment and expectations need to be in line with each other and all you have to do is make an adjustment. Either increase your commitment or lower your expectations. When these do not line up it causes most people to shut down and push their dream aside once again because they become all about problems instead of solutions.

It is possible to start a business on a budget and increase our investment as we grow and finding more time to work understanding that our goal has become long term and if we remain committed and consistent we will get there it will just take longer. I hope this will help you decide if owning a business is right for you.